Fresh Human-Grade Dog Food Delivery

Fresh Human-Grade Dog Food Delivery

Every dog is unique

Just like its food should be
Your dog's new life starts now!

woofresh benefits

✓ Healthier and shinier coat

✓ Energy boost

✓ Relief from allergies

✓ Vet-designed recipes

✓ Easier digestion

✓ Made with real ingredients

woofresh delivery is always FREE 🚚

How it works

1. Tell us about your dog

Answer a few quick questions about your dog's lifestyle and health.

2. Choose your plan

We create a diet plan and prepare portions that perfectly suit your dog. Want to try it first? Choose our Starter Plan which contains up to 10 days of food.

3. Pick up at your door with FREE SHIPPING!

Time to relax and play with your buddy! We will bring your woofresh meals right in time!
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What will you get

Daily portioned food for 1, 2 or 4 weeks

Transition guide to woofresh food

Customized plan

Our recipes





What our woofriends say

I know he enjoys a healthier food with a more balanced diet.
And the best… Our walks are more pleasant now 💩


Αθηνά Σοφού

Her coat is shinier and the shedding has improved noticeably! Also, her breath smells nicer!


Νάντια Χρυσού

Our experience with woofresh was the first contact with fresh cooked food. The results? Non-stop zoomies and jumps every time he sees the food.


Μαρία Νταριώτη

Frequent Questions

Talk to us!

Are you happy with woofresh? Did something go wrong or have any questions?
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